Made for each other.

How wonderful if this could spread like wildfire.



Matt Dillon saves the day.

Dejected bloggers.

Why do so many dejected bloggers give up because of lack of comments?

Firstly, because they do not regularly update. Some of their latest postings are at least months old. Who’s going to waste time commenting when most likely it won’t even be viewed? 

Secondly, because they do not acknowledge comments that are received.

Thirdly, they do not return each visit and leave a comment. Maybe they  need to remember that one good deed deserves another.

Only three reasons have been suggested. No doubt there are many more.



Horrible Pests.

Do you have the so called ‘do gooders’ in your part of the world?

Possibly you are fortunate and are not infested with these pests.

These are the ones who rush to protect the criminals and completely ignore the victims.

Yes, regarding protecting the criminals, some lawyers are as bad as they come – filling their pockets ‘defending’ habitual criminals with lie after lie.

Possibly you have never come across these horrible pests.


All Explained. OK?

I often use OK as a short cut. I have never known what the letters ‘O’ and ‘K’ in OK stand for so I decided to do a litle research. I found dozens of suggestions.

The most likely explanation is that the term originated as an abbreviation of orl korrekt , a jokey misspelling of ‘all correct’ which was current in the US in the 1830s. The oldest written references result from its use as a slogan by the Democratic party during the American Presidential election of 1840. Their candidate, President Martin Van Buren, was nicknamed ‘Old Kinderhook’ (after his birthplace in New York State), and his supporters formed the ‘OK Club’. This undoubtedly helped to popularize the term (though it did not get President Van Buren re-elected).

I’m not completely satisfied as yet,  but I am at least a little wiser. How about you…..OK?

The happy month of May.


Here we are into May with 3 important celebrations to enjoy.

1) Our 51st wedding anniversary

2) Mothers Day. Pam’s 50th.

3) A very special birthday – Pam’s 75th

Though the two of us really treasure each of these occasions, we try to play them down with the family, immediate and extended. We failed badly last Sunday. Our immediate family arrived, wished us a very happy 51st anniversary, and without any fuss or bother established what will be the largest of our flower gardens. How about that for a very big and pleasant surprise? Photo pending – maybe………………..

With two very important days yet to come we may have to change to Plan B.