Learning to Swim.

Have been cruising around. Finding Dashboard was a good move. It was from there that I found my way here. I hope I am being followed.


18 comments on “Learning to Swim.

  1. feliciamyers says:

    ah-a! now that you’re learning, I’m sure there’s going to be many guiding hands. 🙂 Welcome aboard.

    • anotherbadpenny says:

      Thanks for your welcome….and yes as numbers grow I too am sure there will be many guiding hands….great..

      • Don (@ZL1AQ) says:

        Many thanks for building the confidence. It seems that I sent an unanswered BCUK message some time back. Thanks for the BCUK comments. No helicopters for me either, flying in such threatening terrain.

  2. action2468 says:

    Thank you very much for your visit and your comment – the first of many more I hope both ways. I have a post in BCUK – Keep Smiling – eagerly awaiting your visit. Congratulations on your superb WordPress blog, truly amazing. Being new to WordPress I’ve stated mine off free and very basic indeed.Please accept same meantime. A BIG HEALTH GERM all the way from New Zealand.

    • anotherbadpenny says:

      Thanks for your reply action 2468! I’m all free too with my Word Press blog, I guess you recognised the boulder picture!! Thanks for the big health germ all the way from kiwiland, very much enjoyed!

      • action2468 says:

        ‘Thanks for the big health germ all the way from kiwiland, very much enjoyed!’ No problem. To give is always full of satisfaction, hopefully to both parties.

  3. Don (@ZL1AQ) says:

    My pleasure. A BIG welcome to WordPress. Knowing the possible difficulties setting up an account here, you are to be congratulated. What about leading the way by publishing regular posts, and see who you can meet up with. When I go on a blog search, I click ‘Next Blog’ and after viewing that one, I come back and do the same again – otherwise it’s easy to get stuck in the mud. I only comment on a few right up to date posts. No point being involved with those long gone – they will probably never read your comment. When they’re gone they’re gone. I await your reply to my long waiting BCUK msg.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  4. I am trying to send a new post for my blog, not having any luck though, have spent ages trying to remember how I did it the first time!….

  5. action2468 says:

    Remembering that patience is a virtue. Any further problems just ask Mr. Google. That is my easy way out.

  6. Yes, I know what you mean, and thanks for the tip about Mr Google, I will hunt him down…

  7. feliciamyers says:

    No new posts? All okay out there? 🙂

  8. action2468 says:

    Hope you get that hole in the wall closed up before the winter chills catch up with you.

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