Today’s Hint.

One may be astonished to know that Listerine Mouthwash which is used to protect the teeth and keep away bad breath may also act as an effective agent of curing toenail fungus. This is because it has several compounds which act as a strong antiseptic to keep away such infections.


6 comments on “Today’s Hint.

  1. anotherbadpenny says:

    Must be the alcohol in it which does the trick….

    • action2468 says:

      With new stock the alcohol has now been removed, probably to PROTECT the layabouts.Today we were lucky enough to pick up a large bottle of the original at Glenview – familiar? How do you find WordPress and when can we expect your first post here – I love the picture – and your promised from the heart BCUK weekly post. Patience is a virtue but…………………..??????????

      • anotherbadpenny says:

        Yes, Glenview shops/mall were a favourite haunt! Even to the Vet when I was taking care of some long haired cats while house sitting, one of the cats swallowed its furr balls I think they called them…
        Now on to more serious things – my first Word Press post – only say the word – and I will obey….To be honest, I hadn’t realised that I was lagging so much behind – my new nickname is BUM – all behind, that’s my explanation!

        My promised from the heart BCUK weekly post – Well I am beginning to think that somewhere along the line when 1012 calendars were being printed, ‘they’ cut us short of a day in each week, and I am trying to invent another day called ‘Catch-up Day’ – I admire your patience, people like me must drive you crazy!! eh!! Have a good one….

  2. action2468 says:

    Very interesting. Prior to the final conquest many hard battles were fought……………….

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