Horrible Pests.

Do you have the so called ‘do gooders’ in your part of the world?

Possibly you are fortunate and are not infested with these pests.

These are the ones who rush to protect the criminals and completely ignore the victims.

Yes, regarding protecting the criminals, some lawyers are as bad as they come – filling their pockets ‘defending’ habitual criminals with lie after lie.

Possibly you have never come across these horrible pests.



2 comments on “Horrible Pests.

  1. Yes we have come across these horrible pests, the others are the ones in the stores or at events like the last one we attended at the Home Show – pressure pressure to try to make you sign up for something there on the spot….It is good to be able to stand your ground and state a firm ‘no!’

  2. action2468 says:

    How true. Like flies in the summertime these pests seem to be everywhere – absolutely uninvited. They are also the curse of TV, radio, house-calling, newspapers, telephones, and so on. Pests they surely are! Please suggest a suitable ‘Pest Exterminator’ .

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