Dejected bloggers.

Why do so many dejected bloggers give up because of lack of comments?

Firstly, because they do not regularly update. Some of their latest postings are at least months old. Who’s going to waste time commenting when most likely it won’t even be viewed? 

Secondly, because they do not acknowledge comments that are received.

Thirdly, they do not return each visit and leave a comment. Maybe they  need to remember that one good deed deserves another.

Only three reasons have been suggested. No doubt there are many more.




4 comments on “Dejected bloggers.

  1. I guess it is ‘ everyone to their own’ People are perhaps getting more selective…time is of the essence and perhaps they rather do a fewer number of blog entries/replies so that they can keep track of them better with their regulars. …

    • action2468 says:

      I still have the feeling that today too many are not satisfied with what they have. The days of satisfaction seem to be long gone. As expected there are some exceptions. Do you remember those days when satisfaction was the way of life? We were often reminded, ‘Be satisfied with what you’ve got.’ We took notice and there was no thought of disobeying. We always respected our elders. Quite different today, in the homes in the schools and in public. Please feel free to agree or disagree.

      Here’s a link to try It’s a continuous LIVE video of a Ham Convention in Dayton Ohio. Both video and audio.are perfect here. Loud and clear.

      Please check and reply to msg. I’ll save my reply till your visitors have departed at the end on next week. OK?

  2. John AE5X says:

    I’m personally more interested in readership than in comments received. My site’s stats tells me what works and what doesn’t as far as which topics resonate with readers and which do not. I don’t use this info as a guide for future posts but I do like to know who’s reading my blog – by “who, I mean DXers, QRPers, buildlers, antenna hobbyists, etc. Stats give you a far more complete picture of useful info than comments do.

    John AE5X

  3. action2468 says:

    Yes stats are quite informative.Some comments are very worthwhile others really no more than a sick joke eg. – no more than a Smiley!

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