A Great Show.

A Wonderful Lady.


7 comments on “A Great Show.

  1. anotherbadpenny says:

    Did you get a the reply I already sent? Can’t see it anywhere….

  2. action2468 says:

    Thank you. No earlier reply but no worry.

    • anotherbadpenny says:

      Can’t remember what I wrote earlier, however I know I did comment somewhere on Paul Mcartney’s obvious face lift. He was also very nervous, kept sucking in his cheeks during Charles’s speech…. The Queen so much enjoyed the concert and the whole of her celebrations, except of course, having to go solo when her Prince Phillip ended up in hospital. They both looked so great and enjoying the music while their boat negotiated the Thaemes even though it was sooooo cold and wet….I enjoyed all of the performances, they were truly great entertainment….

  3. action2468 says:

    Yes. I taped it again………… to be kept forever this time. The whole show was really tops. I was very impressed with the queen, considering her age. Prince Charles probably put on his best performance, ever. I see my msg is still waiting. A couple of BCUK posts as well.

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