A Vivid Memory.

My Earliest Memory.

My earliest memory takes me back to 1934.  I was four years of age living in a foster home.  Home medical treatment was almost the only hope of recovery from any sickness back in those days.

Though I vividly remember having a very bad attack of whooping cough,   I don’t recall taking any medicine. The treatment was very basic maybe to the extreme. As soon as dawn broke I was sent outdoors to sit on a wooden box all day long. When the chill of the evening arrived I moved indoors again, finishing up sleeping on the floor with no more a single smelly blanket.

This was the time of the great depression long before the amazing medical treatment that is readily available today. However, I recovered and now at the age of eighty-one,  I certainly believe those magic words – ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going.’



7 comments on “A Vivid Memory.

  1. anotherbadpenny says:

    Thanks for sharing your very vivid memory of your unwelness with whooping cough. Whooping cough is again very prevalent today and yes we have the magic medicines to help treat it, sadly if kids were immunised as well as the grandparents, then it would not be around now so much.. Whooping cough is such a horrible horrible disease to watch anybody suffer with. I feel for you being out on the porch all on your own such a young wee lad. You have certainly turned so many negatives into such awesome positives in your life and in so doing become the super person you are today and have been able to pass it all on to your own children, and down the line…

  2. feliciamyers says:

    Wow! We complain today about so many things in life and that’s when we have amazing life style as compared those years when you suffered! And so true.. you are one tough person and I sincerely pray that you may live long and healthy. 🙂

  3. action2468 says:

    Thank you very much for showing patience with me – one of the very few. Yes I’ll receive notification with my gmail account. Please don’t show any obligation, View and comment only when the mood takes you. Bye for now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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